The cake is a lie.
1-29-2014 2:05 pm
Brandon: I'm not dead yet
I swear. I will keep this place alive.

Been thinking of rewriting Vent in python, using Postgres instead of MySQL and writing a fancy web 2.0 frontend for everything.

But that requires effort.

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7-21-2013 9:15 pm
Brandon: Post
I posted.

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5-22-2012 11:48 am
Brandon: Diablo 3
Hooray for the burning hells.

If anyone wants to play, let me know. I shall share my battle tag and whatnot.

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5-12-2012 3:52 am
Brandon: A post.
I have posted.


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8-18-2010 1:55 am
Brandon: Semi-annual post
I'm still alive.

I'm 30.

God I'm old.

See you all at the 20'th high school reunion.

I don't know what a Justin Beiber is, but I'm sure it doesn't have syphilis.

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