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8-17-2007 4:13 am
tbone7281: therapy
Hardcore and metal make me happy. When I'm in a crappy mood(sad or angry, doesn't matter) it always cheers me up. Some people find that strange. I'm just glad I always have music. Oh, and beer... that helps too.

Mood: PO
Music: Hatebreed - Satisfaction is the Death of Desire (album)

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7-27-2007 1:01 am
tbone7281: I feel left out
Mostly because I don't have a journal entry. So here it is. Our dek hockey season starts tomorrow. Excellent. The mustang is now in working order and ready to hit the road once more, if only to have more things fixed. Also, excellent. Plus tomorrow is friday. Is nice.

Mood: Tired... is that really a mood though?
Music: ST - Power Lines (lolz)

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