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8-16-2020 3:17 am
fuzmeister: Amazon Prime
Why don't they sell seafood?

Mood: Interested

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12-21-2011 2:09 pm
fuzmeister: Fellow Amazonians
Anyone ever notice how the video game trade-in values for Wii games on Amazon are insanely higher than other systems?

As an example, Mario Galaxy 2 has a trade-in value of $26 today.

I'm curious as to why Wii games are rated significantly higher value-wise.

Mood: Mediocre
Music: Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack

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11-22-2011 1:56 pm
fuzmeister: Best Amazon Review of The New Zelda Game EVER
I hope this is a joke.

Mood: Amused
Music: Black Sabbath - Megalomania

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