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8-21-2019 3:31 pm
fuzmeister: Spider Man, Sony Pictures, and Media Conglomerates
My emotions are so torn right now...

The philosophical side of my brain knows Disney is pretty shit and shouldn't be buying any more studios, intellectual property, etc.

The comic fan-boy side of my brain though wants to continue seeing the Tom Holland Spider Man appear in Marvel Studios' movies / collective universe.

I honestly am not even a huge Spider Man fan, but non-Marvel folks controlling Marvel properties this day in age just feels downright wrong to me. I don't care if Disney is a merciless corporate juggernaut; they've legitimized comic book movies in a way no one except maybe Chris Nolan could do... Oh, and Tim Burton wasn't completely horrible with the first two Batman movies either... as a product of their time...

Gaaaaah, Disney just buy back Spider Man please!

Mood: Irrationally Upset About Popcorn Flicks

Tags (beta): marvel, conglomerates, spider mang, disney

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8-13-2014 8:44 pm
fuzmeister: Guardians of The Galaxy
Kate and I caught this one last night. I was on the fence on seeing it in the theater since I'm not super familiar with the source material, but, damn, this was a fun movie!

The whole film captured the essence of Star Wars quite well in some ways. The half-action/half-comedic tone worked really well and I loved the soundtrack. The casting was excellent as well, though I wasn't particularly attached to Zoey Saldana's character.

The infinity stone macguffin was completely forgivable just based on how much fun this movie was. I'm quite excited to see the direction they take the already-announced sequel in. Deeper story, more laughs, more awesome music - do it, Marvel!

Mood: Satisfied

Tags (beta): film, movies, marvel, ooga-chaka

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