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6-12-2019 3:33 pm
fuzmeister: I'm Heartbroken
I'm heartbroken.

The indifference of the majority of today's Americans is astounding to me. That being said, I'm also guilty.

I'm guilty of being part of the problem. I know I don't do enough. I may be "woke" to some extent, but I have my own microcosm of problems and issues. I'm not taking to the streets for my brothers and sisters in peril.

How do we fundamentally restructure how we address issues and events? How do we eliminate the callousness that permeates 21st century America? How do we eliminate the dividing line between rich and poor - between powerful and powerless?

I guess it starts with one person. It starts with me. It starts with you.

The odds are I'll continue doing some small things, but still mostly facing inward to a small circle of people.

I feel bad. I feel guilty. I'm not sure how we can really change anything though.

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Tags (beta): philosophy, society

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11-23-2011 3:49 pm
fuzmeister: Post #805
So I've been on this site on and off for almost nine and a half years. Relative to the entire lifespan of the internet, that's quite a while!

I was just rereading some old entries from years ago and a lot of stuff has changed. I like reading bits where I talk about my now-wife in girlfriend terms. I also like seeing how my ambitions have changed and certain, older ones have withered and died.

I was just commenting this morning to a co-worker how I'd like to see a study done that measures the psychological health effects of people who are entrenched in a lifestyle of constantly using technology (AKA everyone this day in age).

I think that why I quit Facebook. I think after six years of using their site, they had me roped in psychologically. I would feel an almost primal urge to check the site anytime I opened a new browser window. Why? Conditioning probably. Who knows? I'm not saying it isn't good for some people, just not for me.

Anyway, I like Ventilation. I think microblogging (like twitter) and social networking sites have all but killed the activity around here over the past two or three years. It's ok - I'll still be here when you all get back.

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12-08-2008 11:21 pm
fuzmeister: What Percentage of Our Opinions are Dictated by Others?
This isn't a post about politics contrary to what some people might think after first reading the post title. It is actually a post related to a conversation I had with my bassist this afternoon.

He stated that he thought Pink Floyd are overrated. He proceeded to describe them as "stoner music." Now, I know this name is often prescribed to Pink Floyd among other psychedelic/progressive rock bands, but I think this is an image only propagated by retail outlets and people who have maybe heard Dark Side of the Moon once or twice while getting baked with their flatmates.

I'm just curious what people think of this. Do you feel your opinions are generally wholesome or are they purely dictated by the media and others?

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Music: Pink Floyd - Apples and Oranges

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9-11-2007 3:41 am
fuzmeister: Strange Feelings
It's weird when you visit some place and it becomes like a little bit of consciousness ingrained in you. You then come back to what you knew before and it feels like the place you had been might just have been a dream. I don't know. Don't get me wrong - I didn't love North Dakota. But I traveled quite a bit more than I ever do in the period of 3 or 4 days. In some ways, I strangely miss that little slice of whatever it was I had there.

Bizarre. Truly.

Or maybe it's just that Pennsylvania stinks that darn bad.

Mood: Gettin

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