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2-27-2017 10:16 pm
fuzmeister: Finally Updated The S&F Site
I've been sitting on this simpler, Bootstrap-based S&F Software site for a few months now... finally got around to uploading it:

And yes, I know I need to debug the Helibomber SDX high score stuff, but who is seriously visiting our site anymore anyway?

I mean, really... who? Ah, well... it's a nice piece of history until I get the urge to spontaneously release something new. I'd truthfully like to at least port another 1 or 2 of the old games to Java as I did with Helibomber...

The incentive of doing this don't really outweigh the time and effort though I wouldn't mind playing some Rapid Fire again.

Mood: Historic
Music: Nirvana - Something in the Way

Tags (beta): s&f software, game development

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4-23-2014 1:32 pm
fuzmeister: Helibomber SDX Released!
My sort-of-new S&F project has been released! Check it out here! While it's nothing super-fresh, it was good to actually develop and release something again.

There is still the issue of the bigger S&F project I've been working on since last June on and off... I may go back to working on that next OR possibly do another port/rewrite of an older S&F game as none of our old games seem to work on modern PCs.

Mood: Sort of Accomplished
Music: Beastie Boys - Johnny Ryall

Tags (beta): s&f software, game development, independent games

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