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12-21-2011 2:09 pm
fuzmeister: Fellow Amazonians
Anyone ever notice how the video game trade-in values for Wii games on Amazon are insanely higher than other systems?

As an example, Mario Galaxy 2 has a trade-in value of $26 today.

I'm curious as to why Wii games are rated significantly higher value-wise.

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10-07-2009 5:42 pm
fuzmeister: De Blob
Man... has anyone else played De Blob? I think it's been one of the best third party games on the Wii (in terms of fun gameplay anyway). Actually, it probably rivals some first party games in terms of Wii-exclusive original I.P.

The thing that gets me is the levels take quite a long time to beat. I'm talking like over an hour for one level if you want to get all the little bonuses and complete most of the challenges. If you rush through, a level can probably be conquered in 45 minutes or so.

Normally, I'm not one to complain about length in games, but on the days I'm not over at the studio during my lunch break working on NoVA, I've been playing this game. I get roughly an hour for lunch (they are pretty flexible within reason), so I've had to leave my Wii on for the afternoon hours until I can get home and actually beat the level I started earlier.

Everyday I play this game over lunch is a day I hope the power will not go out.

It's quite a shame most people who own a Wii will probably never play this game. I think it's destined for cult status among those who have played it.

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5-11-2009 12:11 am
fuzmeister: I have concerns about Punch-Out!!

Anyone remember Wii Boxing? I know I do. What makes you think that over two years later, the same hardware will be able to deliver a better arcade boxing experience. I really think they should have waited for the Wii Motion Plus to release this.

Their promo videos are pretty bad ass though.

I always thought Carl Winslow would play Doc Louis in live action punch out scenes.

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