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10-03-2007 2:15 am
Aar0n: Good God, I'm Tired
I have been going and going and going for what seems like an age. I need to catch up on my sleep so bad. My main problem is that my anxiety has been waking me up a few times a night. I hope I can find some relief tonight. Bah.

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9-12-2007 6:23 pm
Aar0n: Don't Dream It's Over
That was a very, very long way to drive in one day. The drive home wasn't so bad, but it was very long. I had to drop my brother, sister, and Taylor off by my brother's house. That means that, when we got back, I still had half and hour to drive. It was rough.

The concert was pretty awesome. Liam Finn opened with several crazy songs. He uses a loop pedal to play over five different parts on his guitar. Then, he jumps on the drums and rocks out for a minute or two while the loop is playing. Pete Yorn didn't play for nearly long enough. He only played a handful of his most popular songs.

Crowded House was fantastic. They still got it, I swear. The funniest thing was watching all of the aging Crowded House fans dance around and get crazy by the stage. Also, there was this crazy, drunk guy sitting a couple rows in front of us. He nearly got thrown out a few times. Who lays down during a concert?

I'm really happy that I got to see Laura again. She was really pretty last night. Not that she isn't every night, but she had this cool Cleopatra thing going with her makeup. Pretty cool.

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9-11-2007 6:04 pm
Aar0n: There... and.... um.... back again?
Well, I'm heading back to Nashville tonight. I had completely forgotten that my brother bought us tickets to the Pete Yorn/Crowded House concert several weeks ago. I'm pretty jazzed because I got a ticket for Laura last night. I get to see her twice in one week! Woot!

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9-05-2007 11:41 pm
Aar0n: Good New, Everyone!
This Saturday, I will be heading up to the Nash to see my lurve. I can't wait to see her. It feels like it's been thirteen days since I last saw her. Anyway, I've got everything ready, including a friend of my brother's who is letting me park outside her house when I need to. Thank you, Jill!

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8-26-2007 7:14 am
Aar0n: Gone
My dearest girl has flown the coop. She's gone to Vanderbilt for the next four years. It's going to be hard, if not nearly impossible, to make this relationship work, but I'm going to try. Nashville isn't that far away, but it's going to be weird not seeing someone very often when I have seen them about once a week for the last two years. Wish me luck.

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