Kick names, take ass.

8-02-2020 3:39 am
I have an overwhelming feeling of existential dread that just continues to build, day by day. News gives me anxiety and I find myself almost sick over how thoughtless and just incredibly selfish the general population seems to be. At least online. Facts do not seem to hold value anymore.

About the only thing keeping my head above water is that I have only about a year left to complete my master's degree and I've found some distraction.. or maybe escapism is better... in the form of online karaoke of all things. Also I have participated in an international group of talented folks who do covers (lately of Ghost although there are some talks of other bands and maybe even Bohemian Rhapsody). Mostly I pick out and sing the harmonies but for one 14 minute acoustic medley I did melody and harmony which was pretty amazing and a nice reprieve from real life.

10-01-2018 2:49 am
toodldo_4julie: What the what
Cleaning up my list of accounts and rediscovered Vent. Hello, Vent.

Updates -

I hate Trump.

In other news:

I hate Mike Pence.

Really... just about the whole administration.

Anywho. The kiddo is 6, now. We moved back to PA stomping grounds. I have been in school one way or another since 2012 and I am about to go back: Nurse practitioner is next on the agenda. Been a practicing nurse (see what I did, just there?) since 2015 and I exhaust myself with it. It will be nice to make more and have a better schedule while gaining the capability to diagnose/prescribe/treat.

12-28-2013 4:37 pm
toodldo_4julie: Music
So Christmas included a Blu Ray version of Nightwish: Showtime, Storytime. I like Floor Jansen.. I think she takes some of the better aspects of both former vocalists and bundles them up in one package. I hope she sticks around.

12-06-2013 5:45 pm
toodldo_4julie: Frodo and hobbit feet

Hobbit Feet

Considering how much these little people move I was lucky to snap any photos at all. Pretty sure Elijah Wood was cast prematurely as Ryden is quite obviously the better hobbit.

Speaking of hobbits, I am not at all displeased that they have slated 3 films to cover The Hobbit (and LotR appendices). Perhaps my love of this literary world has clouded my vision somewhat. I did not think Jackson bombed the first of the three, either. It has been quite some time since I read The Hobbit - school keeps me busy - but I felt satisfied with the first film's storyline. I have yet to take a final stand on the newly created character, Tauriel, but I have high hopes that they have created a character that comes across like one of Tolkien's own.

Desolation of Smaug to follow An Unexpected Journey. I think the titles are fitting, as well.

mood: nerdy.

12-04-2013 5:09 pm
toodldo_4julie: They say in nursing school have no life or time to yourself. Whoever They are.. They don't lie. Especially with an almost 1.5-year-old toddling around. Although I did find the time to assemble some odds n ends clothing and sew him a cloak so he could be dessed as Frodo for Halloween. I even used felt and some tape and made Hobbit feet.

Life as a mom is pretty amazing.

Side note.. giving injections can be fun.. giving bed baths.. not so much.

feeling: mom-like

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