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7-22-2019 4:52 pm
David: Wing Commander Parable
Besides Infocom's text based adventure "Deadline", Wing Commander was my favorite computer game back in 1992. I loved everything about it. The gameplay, the cutscenes, the dialog. I went by the callsign "Tight Shot" (no idea what that means). I replayed the game dozens if not hundreds of times trying to map out all the points of the branching narrative tree. If fandom wiki's had been a thing back then, I probably would have been very active on Wing Commander's.

My friend Brandon had a copy of Wing Commander as well. Playing at his house led to a revelation; there was an animated flight stick in the cockpit. Back home, there was just empty space. My 12 year old self was confused. What was happening here? Did he have a different version of the game? Nope. The answer (as probably told to me by Brandon himself) was that the Emerson family computer lacked the RAM requirement to add some of the graphical bells and whistles.

The next time I typed "wc.exe" into the DOS command line at home I was greeted by a game that was lacking. That empty space in the cockpits of my fighters was a constant reminder that there was something better out there. That the computer I was using could be better. Wing Commander suddenly wasn't fun. It was a poor benchmark score.

So I started playing Altered Destiny instead.

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