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10-01-2008 1:18 pm
Beowulf: Brandon's Trip to Taiwan
It's been a looong time since I've posted on here. Somewhere around three or four years. If you don't know me, I'm Brandon's little brother, Brent. I've been living in Taiwan for two years and he recently came to visit me. I have a site up with pictures of his trip. A lot of the pictures you can see in Brandon's Picasa albums, but I have some larger versions. Sorry, my captions aren't nearly as funny as Brandon's. There are three albums in total, each with quite a few pictures. If you're so interested you can see them at . There are lots of galleries along the side. Just look for the three that say Brandon.

Oh, and Hello everyone!

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6-15-2005 3:05 am
Beowulf: My occasional irregular update.
Well, for those of you who don't know (which is probably everyone but Brandon), I graduated from Pitt this may and obtained gainful employment as a software developer for a local electric company in Joplin. The job is going pretty well, but getting up adn ready by 8 is killing me.

So far they haven't had me doing much. I'm mostly been writing simple scripts for data fixes, debugging some time and labor software, and trying to figure out how to change their current database into the new one for the lastest version of the software they use. It's gonna be a big job. They have 8 months scheduled for it, but I'm not sure it'll get done by then.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have to be responsible and all.

Mood: need to go to bed

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2-15-2005 4:00 am
Beowulf: Come, and passed
Alas, yet another Singles Awareness Day has come and passed. I had a cupcake today. It was pink. I generally stay away from pink things, but it was free and I was hungry. It was suprisingly good.

So, for a Software Engineering project our team decided to program Yahtzee. I turned out to be the best programmer in the group (which is very, very sad considering how much I lack programming skills). I thought in keeping with the industry I should outsource the coding to some nice Indian guy on campus. However, I didn't have any takers so I've begun the coding on my own. Well, I guess not exactly on my own. B is probably getting really annoyed with how much I bother him with questions while I'm coding. But he acts very patient with me. It's good to have a brother who's nearly a coding savant.

Anyway, another long day of classes and tutoring tomorrow. Oh yea, the poor underclassmen must come to me if they want help on programming assignments. I can teach them bad coding techniques. I can crush their hopeful little spirits by making things way to damn complicated. But I won't. It takes too much time and I don't like to work with them that much.

Adios all

Mood: Allegedly happy, but we're waiting on the Jury
Music: Sigur Ros

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8-23-2004 8:10 pm
Beowulf: Back to School
Well, today was my first day back to school. Oh what fun it is. I get to see people I haven't seen all summer, I have new paper and pencils, I have yet to need to buy a single textbook, and there are so many lovely new faces on campus this semester.

In my last class of the day today, I had to sign something like a security agreement. It's a new class, offered for the first time this semester. It covers many different aspects of computer security. But, of course, they can't teach us how to protect our computers if we don't know how they're going to be invaded and attacked. So apparently we get to learn some of that fun stuff too. The agreement was simply some ethical thing saying that we won't use our knowledge for evil while within the confines of the educational institute.

Nathan, I went to Hastings a few days ago and saw your book. Should I call it a book or should I call it thick pamphlet? heh. I didn't buy it tho. I thought I would wait for Sunday and let you sign a copy. What time are you going to be there anyway?

I was looking at the classes I need to take next semester. I only need 11 hours to graduate. Just 11. That means I'm going to have to throw on another whole class just to be a full-time student. I'll have to find some class that interests me but is an easy A. Any suggestions?

Anyway, that's far more than anyone of you really wanted to hear about me.

Mood: Tired. Waking up sucks.
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7-22-2004 9:53 pm
Beowulf: Anyone here write for the WB?
Jesus Christ people, are we trying to get our own over-the-top drama on the WB? Throw in some too-beautiful-to-really-exist 20-something breakout actors and you'd have another one season hit.

Now, nitrus, put your dick back in your pants. Nobody wants to have a pissing contest with you. I know you're somewhat intelligent. Think about what it's really going to accomplish when you use someone elses password. What did you get done with this whole debacle? You figured out their passwords, added some disparaging and erroneous posts, and then admitted to acting like an ass. Did this accomplish anything aside from making everyone look at you like a dick? What were you thinking? What were you hoping would happen? I don't understand why you would do something stupid like this.

And please, feel free to get my password and screw with my journal. But at least make it funny if you do. And keep in mind that I can do the exact same thing to your journal.

Anyway, I have a new monitor. It's pretty, oh so pretty. It's much better than the dying peice of crap I had before. It also looks wider than normal monitors. Maybe it's not and my eyes are just playing tricks on me.

Mood: Ugh. Why nitrus, why?

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