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8-26-2019 3:10 pm
David: Clone
I’m, like, 84% certain she’s a clone, and her “abandonment” was an intentional act to create another hole card, carried out by the same old fellow who had that missing map piece.

Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
Rey? That's an interesting theory . . .
Archimago - ()
I think we see her as a clone with the purpose of letting Palpatine possess a new body. He was successful with one of the clones. The other was discarded on Jakku.
We get a remake of the Luke vs Luuke battle from the Zahn novels.
So Rey has to fight Reey.
Kylo gets to follow in his grandfather?s footsteps and turn good at the last minute and help Rey defeat Reey.
But, Palpatine has split his essence in 2. Half of his essence takes over C3PO which is why his eyes glowed red. Emporer C3PO calls down the Starkiller tech from a fully functional Death Star 3, killing off the Skywalker line.

C3PO: It?s against my programming to impersonate a deity, but nothing prevents me from becoming one.
His metalic voice transforms into Palpatine?s and we roll credits.
David - ()
C3PO, the horcrux he never meant to create...
Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
watched it again. I think it's a Luke in that weird cave type situation.
David - ()
You mean like in TLJ when she saw a bunch of copies of herself in a line...
Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
yes. an extension of that. This time she has to face her own dark reflection and defeat it
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Whatever happens, I just hope JJ can craft a satisfying conclusion.

In my opinion, his strength has always been pacing and initial world-building.
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