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9-13-2019 11:12 pm
David: Raising Funds
In my 20s I had a policy regarding people selling shit for their kids’ fundraisers at work. If you’d take a flat donation, I’d give it to you. If not, I wasn’t busying any cookie dough, trash bags, or popcorn. I was happy to put some of my disposable income towards kids’ activities, but hated the idea of someone else getting a cut.

Now that I and my kids are older they have their own fundraisers popping up. The pressure to participate in these things is intense, especially in non-school affiliated activities where the fundraising is being spearheaded by another parent. If there’s an opportunity to cut a check for our share, we do so. The problem is that often these things go to a pool which is drawn from by all that participate. Am I the asshole for flatly refusing to participate in these things? Must we become detergent peddlers to fund or children’s sports?

Is it because there’s a stigma associated with asking for money as opposed to selling unneeded and overpriced commodities?

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