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9-17-2019 1:02 pm
David: I Miss the Comments Section
Comments were a great way to call out bullshit news with facts.

Now everyone just says what they want with impunity, any criticism is divorced from the actual moment, and by the time it's heard the original act is already forgotten.

It's what's wrong with the "debates" that are televised between candidates. Everyone just says their own talking points and maybe tries to get off a zinger or two. There's no actual back and forth of merit.

Here's what I'd like to see: a debate where a candidate gives their response (or non-response) to a question and their opponent's role is to then question or agree with their assertion, BUT NOT PUSH THEIR OWN. Imagine how quickly this would stop many candidates dead...

They'll never agree to it.

Archimago - ()
Bullshit! You may say that you want real debates, but your plan wouldn?t work. To begin with, it doesn?t take into account the traffic congestion alleviated by the reopening of the 249 bypass west of Joplin, a project which I fully supported and which brought greater access to the industrial park and generated job growth of nearly .3% annually.
Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
It's impossible to have a meaningful, informative debate with 10 candidates on the stage. There is no time for anything deeper than a talkingpoint. When the field is winnowed to two or three candidates, then I will complain that we still aren't getting a meaningful discourse, but it least it will have been possible.
David - ()
I?m talking about the process in general. In the case of the democratic primary it would seem ?debates? should be reserved until the field has narrowed. Many / most of the grand ideas presented fall apart under scrutiny, but that lens is never focused. This is a problem on all sides.

It?s why MAGA works. It has no definition and no measurables. They know nobody will ever ask for them. Even if they did, nobody would ever persist if given a non-answer. Even if they did, it would be forgotten within a day in favor of some new shiny distraction.
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