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11-07-2019 11:57 pm
David: Death Stranding
I'm staring at a countdown clock that says a little over 5 hours to go before I can play Hideo Kojima's new game.

I think I'll turn the Twitch stream on for this one.

Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
tell me if this is as batshit crazy as it looks, please
David - ()
So far:

* The game is mainly about weight distribution and navigating tough terrain under pressure.
* I have a baby in a bottle that lets me see ghosts.
* Rain water accelerates time.
* They made grenades out of my character's urine and feces. They are called "No. 1" and "No. 2" respectively.
* For reasons I still don't understand my character handcuffs himself to the bed each night.

I'd say it's pretty normal so far.
David - ()
I really enjoy this game, but I?m not sure I understand why.

I haven?t completed it yet. The story is Kojima?s brand of strange. Full of things that are likely obtuse references to tangential themes. The core gameplay mechanic traversing difficult landscapes while transporting cargo. You can build infrastructure to make this easier. I personally have stopped story progression in favor of building roads and completing premium delivery challenges.

That said, it does feel very repetitious. There?s a sense of monotony through the whole thing. Yet, I find myself compelled to make one more delivery. Not necessarily because it?s fun. Just because it?s there.

That?s why Luigi?s Mansion 3 is my pick for GOTY.
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