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12-23-2019 5:08 pm
David: Mr Robot
Mr. Robot concluded its run last night.

It left more loose ends than a woman's scarf.

I love the mystery box concept. I hate when they're left unopened. If I'm investing in your show because of your mystery box (and why else would you put one on the table if not to get my buy in), you have an artistic obligation to pay it off. If you want to leave it unopened, then you're obligated to explain that.

The overall story of the show was excellent, and it's main narrative resolution satisfying. But it's overshadowed by all the unsolved mysteries that were introduced.

Thanks for the blue balls, Sam Esmail.

fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Cool! Like Dexter then, a show I never got around to watching during its airing and now likely never will...
David - ()
I?d still take the ride. Just focus on Elliot, as every other character ultimately exists as filler and none get a satisfying resolution. Elliot?s story is great.
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