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2-07-2020 3:42 pm
David: Debates and Investigations
I never watch these things because they're largely staged by the hosting parties to drive the discussion towards a desired narrative. The result is a "debate" that is exhausting to watch, due both to the leading questions and the candidates' continual need to pivot away from the chute.

I do, however, like to read the recaps the next day from third party sources. My prediction is that tomorrow I'll be reading that Mayor Pete gets attacked a bunch, Sanders is suspiciously ignored (attacking him doesn't deter his supporters and usually ends up losing the attacker a few), Biden suddenly has a clearer message that appeals to nobody, and Warren tries her damndest to not appear as a trend chasing candidate of opportunity.

Kloubachar (I got that spelling right first try!), Steyer, and Yang will also stand up there.

Also, this article is interesting.

I can't see someone as notoriously impartial as William Barr abusing the authority he just gave himself at any point this year.

Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
I don't watch the debates anymore. They are meaningless. largely for the reasons you have outlined, but also because everyone is just playing safe.
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