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10-19-2021 4:14 pm
David: Metroid Dread
If you're not playing this game, what are you even doing with your life?

It's not quite Super Metroid, but it's definitely a very close 2nd.

fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
I'm right before (what I assume) is the final boss. I've really enjoyed it though I don't think the "stealth" sections were implemented quite as well as they could have been based on some other 2D stealth games.

Overall though, yeah - it's wonderful to see a 2D Metroid being released in 2021. The combat is really fun and challenging - I haven't really kept count, but I am thinking this might take the prize for most bosses in a Metroid game.

I also like how they changed the expected order of getting certain items from earlier games. It's not quite a Breath of The Wild level reinvention, but it's certainly a neat approach.
David - ()
I played the "stealth" sections more as "run for your life and try to survive" sections.

I don't have the patience for stealth gameplay unless it's based on predictable patterns.
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