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3-10-2023 12:33 am
David: Age Is Killing My Concept of Time
Things I've learned or accepted in the past five years:

(Can we still do html inside of.a Vent post? Fuck it, let's find out.)

  • Lagavulin is great, but Ardbeg's Wee Beastie is the perfect amount of peat.

  • Manifestation does not equal creation

  • Gregory House was (is?) right. Everyone lies.

  • The internet as we know it is lost, but there will be a next thing and we have got to get in there and make sure it stays decentralized from the outset.

  • Video game consoles are just bad computers with exclusives. Nintendo still knows what they're doing.

  • Doctor Strangelove is relevant again.

  • Artistic expression is dead. Creators seek not to appease an audience, but a metric.

  • Some people reach their 80s and still don't know what they're trying to achieve. Many of them hold federal office.

  • Did I already mention the whiskey?

Brandon - (<-- The Electric Sunshine Man, yo!) - Administrator
What whiskey?

Also, Nintendo has finally realized their final form and are making Pikmin 4.

You're right about the internet though, it was a mistake letting people on it. I refer to the John Gabriel greater internet fuckwad theory (circa 2004:
David - ()
All the whiskeys.

The Metroid Prime remake was wonderfully done. I haven't played it in over a decade, and it felt and looked right. My expectations for Tears of the Kingdom are high, but I will battling both of my children for spoiler free playing time.

That PA strip was a big part of my inspiration to shed any online aliases.
David - ()
On a tangent. Tunic. My god, Tunic.

Please everyone play Tunic, and then keep digging.
Brandon - (<-- The Electric Sunshine Man, yo!) - Administrator
Man, I don't want to have to learn a new language.

Will probably run great on the Steam Deck though.
David - ()
Technically you don't have to decipher Trunic to enjoy the game, and I didn't when I first played it last year. Watching my son play it this week, though, I started to crack it.
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