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9-21-2023 1:48 am
David: Ahsoka
I want to talk about this show. A lot.

Andor was phenomenally well done, and still ranks as my favorite interpretation of the Star Wars galaxy. Ahsoka, though, is Filoni let loose in live action and targeting an adult audience. It's wild. As someone who pushed myself through the kiddie cartoons chasing snippets of lore, seeing those characters and moments come to life without the silliness has been great.

Also. Thrawn. Thrawn! If something had to make it out of legends into this new canon, I'm glad it was him.


Brandon - (<-- The Electric Sunshine Man, yo!) - Administrator
Not having watched Clone Wars or Rebels, I know I'm missing out on context. So take this as the opinion of someone who hasn't got the background of all the lore.

I feel that Ahsoka is written for children. There is very little substance and as of yet I have no idea why I should care about these characters, other than Ahsoka. It's, fine, I guess. Nothing compared to Andor though. I'm guessing if I knew what was going on it would mean more.

I'm hoping for big things from Thrawn, the new books are worth a read, and bring you up to the end of the Clone Wars. with Thrawn's canon story.

Personally, I want to see Kyle Katarn become canon again.
David - ()
I can't with a straight face recommend watching The Cline Wars or Rebels because they are pretty rough moment to moment. I ended up making my through both by throwing them on a screen while exercising, such is my sick need to absorb lore from The Galaxy.

I don't think Ahsoka completely works without some of that knowledge, so we're coming at it from two different angles certainly. I do wish it hadn't turned into a full blown Rebels reunion (Hera in particular is completely unnecessary).

Speaking of Kyle Katarn, they are dropping subtle references to the lore of the Jedi games from Remedy, big among those Zeffonian writing popping up. Not sure if it will go further than that, but we seem to have quite a few more "Jedi" floating around than Yoda was aware of when he died.
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