Kick names, take ass.

1-28-2020 12:47 pm
David: Dreams
I don't remember many of my dreams after waking up these days.

Last night, though, I dreamt I was in a cafeteria talking with Eric Idle about Terry Jones. Then Jones walked up to our table and initiated a game of Find the Fish.

1-22-2020 2:54 pm
David: Python
I've fallen in love with the Python language over the past couple months. I get that Node.js exists to ease the transition from front where JavaScript is king to the back, but damn if it doesn't feel like using the wrong end of the screwdriver as a hammer now.

Also RIP Terry Jones. I don't have a favorite Python, but if I did there's now a 1/3 chance they'd be dead.

1-10-2020 2:22 pm
David: Mistakes
I've had some grade-A professional fuckups in my life, but I've never accidentally shot down a passenger airliner.

Maybe I don't understand how surface to air missiles work, but I feel like it has to be a comedy of errors to achieve that outcome. Slow push in to the guy at the controls as the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme starts to play...

1-07-2020 6:09 pm
David: Dracula
The first episode was great.

The second episode wanted to be Sherlock, but with a Columbo twist (not whodunit but howcatchem).

The third was Doctor Who. New alien creature with weaknesses that are overly explained.

12-26-2019 7:46 pm
David: The Witcher (Netflix)
Gratuitous nudity aside, I really enjoyed this series. I went in without much knowledge of the universe. I’ve never got around to playing more than an hour or three of the games, and haven’t read any of the books.

It’s funny, it’s brutal. It’s dumb fantasy stuff.

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