Kick names, take ass.

2-02-2019 2:38 pm
David: One away from Fifty?
Happy Groundhog Day, gentlemen.

8-25-2017 1:39 pm
David: I'm Done With Valve
Epistle 3

Some names have been changed, of course.

Gaben, you've fallen so far.

12-25-2016 11:59 am
David: Merry Christmas
My best to all of you and your families.

10-17-2016 8:42 pm
David: Nate's Election Predictions
Where are they?

1-25-2016 8:47 pm
David: The Witness
There's a video game being released tomorrow that has as it's only mechanic drawing lines through mazes. It's been in development for nearly 6 years.

And I'm super excited to play it.

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