Kick names, take ass.

6-15-2020 8:06 pm
Okay, well shit. I guess I need to look into building that VR rig now...

STAR WARS Squadrons

4-09-2020 4:33 pm
David: Half-Life Alyx
Not getting a VR setup anytime soon, so I read up on the game's story. No spoilers ahead, but if you've played through or done your research you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Yikes. They did the thing that I hate the most. There are certainly ways to explain it, but all of them cheapen the connection between the games that came before and whatever lies ahead.

Which I guess is good because now I can put Half-Life behind me. I'll let Epistle 3 be my ending point and just trust that humanity is doomed.

2-07-2020 3:42 pm
David: Debates and Investigations
I never watch these things because they're largely staged by the hosting parties to drive the discussion towards a desired narrative. The result is a "debate" that is exhausting to watch, due both to the leading questions and the candidates' continual need to pivot away from the chute.

I do, however, like to read the recaps the next day from third party sources. My prediction is that tomorrow I'll be reading that Mayor Pete gets attacked a bunch, Sanders is suspiciously ignored (attacking him doesn't deter his supporters and usually ends up losing the attacker a few), Biden suddenly has a clearer message that appeals to nobody, and Warren tries her damndest to not appear as a trend chasing candidate of opportunity.

Kloubachar (I got that spelling right first try!), Steyer, and Yang will also stand up there.

Also, this article is interesting.

I can't see someone as notoriously impartial as William Barr abusing the authority he just gave himself at any point this year.

1-28-2020 12:47 pm
David: Dreams
I don't remember many of my dreams after waking up these days.

Last night, though, I dreamt I was in a cafeteria talking with Eric Idle about Terry Jones. Then Jones walked up to our table and initiated a game of Find the Fish.

1-22-2020 2:54 pm
David: Python
I've fallen in love with the Python language over the past couple months. I get that Node.js exists to ease the transition from front where JavaScript is king to the back, but damn if it doesn't feel like using the wrong end of the screwdriver as a hammer now.

Also RIP Terry Jones. I don't have a favorite Python, but if I did there's now a 1/3 chance they'd be dead.

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