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11-15-2019 11:11 pm
Nathan Tyree: Rick and Morty
My thoughts on the new episode of Rick and Morty

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11-01-2019 5:23 pm
Nathan Tyree: Couch Thing
Hey fam, I have a new website where I am going to post my writing about film, television, and culture. At the moment it just has a couple of essays (two old ones and a new one I just wrote). I plan to add a new essay about once a week. If you're interested it's at

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10-28-2019 8:24 pm
Nathan Tyree: One Cut of the Dead
Do not read anything about this movie. Don't even watch the trailer. Go in clean and be ready to be delighted.

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10-24-2019 8:05 pm
Nathan Tyree: Gee our old LaSalle ran great
The All in the Family theme song isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's parody, people.

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10-18-2019 5:58 pm
Nathan Tyree: Addams Family
There really isn't a bad version of The Addams Family. Charles Addams original Comics are wonderful. The TV series from the 60s is amazing. The Two films from the 90s are solid. The Cartoon series was lots of fun. The new animated film is good. It has flaws, but overall it is very entertaining.

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