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7-15-2020 4:11 pm
Nathan Tyree: Laurie Moore and "The Millenials"
The biggest problem 'boomers seems to have with understanding the generations that followed them is that they have no idea what generations followed them. That's what I am taking from this new essay by Laurie Moore. Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z all seem to be the same thing in her mind. Things she credits Millenials with: Cutting, inventing BDSM, Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Emo, and acceptance of gay and trans persons.

She conflates three generations at least. This isn't rare in boomer thought.

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7-15-2020 3:30 pm
Nathan Tyree: Farewell Kanye
Kanye West ran for president for about 15 minutes. Guess that's over.

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4-17-2020 4:32 pm
Nathan Tyree: Things I miss
I am doing my part to socially distance and I am happy to do it. I will take some pain to save lives. But, I miss some things. I am not a super social person. I don't really go to parties or out to bars so I thought that this would be easy. But, it turns out that there are things that I really miss doing.

I miss going to the movies. Yes, I watch a lot of movies at home but there is something communal and exciting about sharing a film with a large group of strangers that I just love.

I miss visiting with my nieces and nephews and playing with my grand-nieces. I love those kids, and I hate not seeing them.

Also, talking to people and playing with random dogs on our nightly walks.

Anyway, I miss things.

Oh - and given what Modern monetary policy suggests why aren't we just minting the damn coin?

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4-15-2020 4:32 pm
Nathan Tyree: Devs- anyone?
Are any of you lot watching Alex Garland's Devs? The last episode is going to drop soon and I am itching to discuss it with people.


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4-14-2020 9:01 pm
Nathan Tyree: Passwords
Password strength requirements create weaker passwords.

Imagine a three character password that allows only digits 0 through 9. There are 1000 possible passwords in this system. Now change the system to allow letters and numbers. The new system allows 46,656 possible passwords. Now add a strength requirement. Require that there must be at least one number and at least one letter. With the new strength requirement the number of possible passwords drops to 45,656. We have excluded 1000 possible passwords and in doing so created a weaker system.

It seems to me that it is a good idea to allow as many character types as possible (letters, upper and lowercase, numbers, special characters) but a bad idea to require the use of any of them.

Tell me what the flaw in my thinking is.

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