Kick names, take ass.
10-07-2019 7:28 pm
Nathan Tyree: The Turks
Does anyone know the exact date of the last time Trump completely destroyed the Turkish economy? Asking for a friend.

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10-01-2019 4:27 pm
Nathan Tyree: Amber Guyger Guilty of Murder

this makes me happy. I had believed that the jury would let her get away with it. That I was wrong gives me a moment of good cheer.

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9-20-2019 8:44 pm
Nathan Tyree: at some point doesn't this have to matter?

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9-17-2019 9:11 pm
Nathan Tyree: Bret Easton Ellis
Less than Zero is the kind of book that makes you think "this kid has potential, I can't wait to see what he does next". Sadly, next was The Rules of Attraction; a badly written adolescent level pile of dumb. But then, he wrote American Psycho. That book is a masterpiece. Satire like a sock full of pennies. The perfect deconstruction of 1980's America. A stunning work of brilliance. Sadly, Ellis would never write another novel. Oh, he would publish "books". Books full of mental masturbation, stupid navel gazing, self aggrandizement, paper thin plots, detestable characters. Just nothing that should count as art or even entertainment.

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8-30-2019 8:43 pm
Nathan Tyree: The best films of 1999
Obviously my choices are idiosyncratic and will not align with yours, but I think these are the best films of 1999.

1. Being John Malkovitch
2. Audition
3. The Talented Mr. Ripley
4. Magnolia
5. Bringing Out the Dead
6. eXistenz
7. Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai
8. All About My Mother
9. Eyes Wide Shut
10. The Iron Giant
11. Office Space
12. Election
13. The Blair Witch Project
14. Fight Club
15. Dogma
16. Man on the Moon
17. The Red Violin
18. Bowfinger
19. The Matrix
20. Three Kings
21. Boys Don’t Cry
22. The Straight Story
23. American Beauty*
24. The Insider
25. The Limey

*At the time, American Beauty ranked much higher in my estimation. It has not aged well (for reasons both obvious and less so), and perhaps doesn't deserve even the rather low position I have given it. But, I wanted to keep it in the list because of the importance it had at the time.

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