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6-12-2019 4:37 pm
Nathan Tyree: are we alive?
It seems that there is a bit more activity here of late. That's good. maybe this place can spring back to life.

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3-06-2017 4:28 pm
Nathan Tyree: Logan
Logan is, simply, an amazing film. I would rate it right beside The Dark Knight. After all the bland super hero movies of the last few years, we finally have a truly great super hero movie.

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11-09-2016 9:29 pm
Nathan Tyree: Al Franken for President
I'm not even joking

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11-04-2016 9:40 pm
Nathan Tyree: Revised electoral map

Here's my revised map

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10-19-2016 7:06 pm
Nathan Tyree: My election predictions - by popular demand
Okay, this is a weird damn year to predict the election, but this is my shot.

Clinton 352 EV
Trump 186

here's the map

A caveat on that, there is an outside chance that Utah could do something weird. Evan McMullin could win UT outright, or could pull enough support from Trump to give it to Hill.

In the Senate, Dems take control with 54 seats.

Republicans lose ground in the house, but retain control.

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