Kick names, take ass.
3-09-2020 3:54 pm
Nathan Tyree: It's just the flu
If anything is going to turn Covid-19 into Captain Trips, it's the total incompetence of the current administration.

We are all fucked here.

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2-27-2020 6:43 pm
Nathan Tyree: Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf is not my favorite Grateful Dead song (Friend of the Devil, Candy Man, Sugar Magnolia, Uncle John's Band are all in the running but way up top has to be Ripple, which I want played at my funeral assuming I have a funeral), but wow that chorus is something.

Just begging not be murdered.

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2-07-2020 7:30 pm
Nathan Tyree: John Carpenter Month
Over at Couch Thing it's John Carpenter Month (a thing I just made up because I wanted an excuse to watch and write about a bunch of John Carpenter movies). So far we have covered

They Live, Prince of Darkness, and Escape From New York.

Please check these out and maybe leave a comment.

Also, if any Vent people would be interested in writing something for Couch Thing, I'd love to have you. I can't pay you money, but I can come up with something cool.

Let me know.

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2-05-2020 9:38 pm
Nathan Tyree: Mitt Romney
For today at least, Mitt Romney may be an opponent, but he is not an enemy. Senator Romney has proven that he has the courage of his convictions and has taken a stand. It is an act of bravery. He will be threatened. There are already suggestions that he will be expelled from him party. He will face threats of violence. Still, he chose to do the right thing.

Good work, Senator Romney.

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1-31-2020 2:50 pm
Nathan Tyree: Someone turn out the lights
The Senate “trial” of Donald Trump is about to end. The two concurrent arguments that won the day and they are from Lamar Alexander and Alan Dershowitz.

Alexander: The Democrats proved their case, the president is guilty of the things that he is accused of so there is no need to hear from any witnesses and the Republican party does not care and will not convict or remove him for these crimes.

Dersh: Nothing this president does is impeachable.

I am not being uncharitable in my reading here. The united states senate is about to announce that this particular President is above the law.

Someone turn off the lights on your way out please.

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