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1-13-2020 9:14 pm
Nathan Tyree: The Oscars
This years nominees for the best picture oscar are not offensive. But, it's a weird list. There are obvious duds on it and many films left off that should be contenders.

Please vote in the poll at my website to pick a better best picture than the oscars are likely to give us.

Couch Thing

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1-10-2020 10:26 pm
Nathan Tyree: weird crossover
I was only half listening, but apparently Elon Tusk (from Rick and Morty) is dating Frank Grimes (or Grimey, as he likes to be called) or something. I may be confused.

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12-31-2019 5:29 pm
Nathan Tyree:
My thoughts on The Star Wars.


Entertaining but with a lot of things that annoyed me.

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12-19-2019 5:40 pm
Nathan Tyree: tenet
The trailer for the new Christopher Nolan film has arrived

I am delightfully confused by it. It looks very Nolan-y and I am here for more of Nolan's time bending drama.

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12-13-2019 6:36 pm
Nathan Tyree: Dracula
I have been a fan of Mark Gatiss since his days in League of Gentlemen. He and Steven Moffat created Sherlock (which i like) and Jekyll (which I loved). Your mileage with Moffat's Doctor Who may vary. Now they are doing a version of Dracula for netflix. The trailer has eye stuff and it really hurts me.

see it here

anyone else interested?

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