Kick names, take ass.
4-08-2020 5:01 pm
Nathan Tyree: It's Biden
Sanders dropped out. Joe is the last man standing.

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3-24-2020 5:32 pm
Nathan Tyree: No worries?
I mean, I have some worries. Things are looking rather dire, folks. How are the rest of you holding up?

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3-13-2020 1:39 pm
Nathan Tyree: Covid-19 info
From LGM re Kansas:

" I learned today that my daughter-in-law, her husband, and their infant child are sick. Her husband works with someone who recently stopped over in South Korea on the way back from India. That coworker developed symptoms and I don’t think has sought medical attention. Now my daughter-in-law’s husband has chills and a cough. Classic coronavirus symptoms. To make matters worse, the daughter-in-law works as a nurse’s aide in our local hospital and has had close contact with hospital patients — changing diapers, taking vitals, etc. Given the South Korea connection, the symptoms, and the close contact with a vulnerable population, they need to be tested. Obviously. Not to mention that my wife cared for her infant son, who is now sick, and my wife and I recently turned 60.

I have called our county health department and several walk-in medical clinics (they don’t have health insurance). I was given the number of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which I had already called numerous times only to be hung up on after waiting 10 minutes each time. I learned from a nurse at one of the walk-in clinics that wait times are at least 4 hours.

I also learned that the only way to get tested in Kansas is to get approval from the KS Department of Health and Environment. My daughter-in-law called her employer, the local hospital, and they connected her with those who are screening for possible tests. She was told that she doesn’t qualify for a test because she currently does not have a fever. Never mind that her husband does. And is coughing. Never mind that her husband has been in close contact with someone who recently spent time in South Korea, a coronavirus hot-spot. Never mind that my daughter-in-law has had close contact with vulnerable hospital patients.

Btw, I also learned that there is a catch-22. If you lack health insurance and call a medical clinic with symptoms compatible with coronavirus, they will refuse to let you come in. They instead refer you to the KS Department of Health hotline, with its 4 hour + wait and with its absurd criteria that will result in a denial of testing even if there has been contact with a person who has traveled from a coronavirus hotspot, there are classic symptoms of coronavirus, and there is contact with especially vulnerable persons.

I have called the Governor’s Office (we’ll look into it and get back to you), the local hospital’s PR department, and our local newspaper (which probably will do a story on it).

This is obviously an outrage. This is why this shit is spreading like wildfire and it is a recipe for further spread. This story needs to be circulated as widely as possible to embarrass our governmental officials into action. If you have any contacts at major news outlets, I’ll be happy to share my contact information.

Meanwhile, my wife and I are quarantining separately until either my daughter-in-law and her husband are tested and receive a negative test result or 14 days expires."

LGM has more

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3-10-2020 8:14 pm
Nathan Tyree: Parasite
Any of you folks fans of Bong Joon Ho's parasite?

Wanna discuss it?

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3-09-2020 5:30 pm
Nathan Tyree: Devs
is anyone watching DEVS yet?

It's from Alex Garland who gave us Ex Machina and Annihilation. He also wrote Sunshine and 28 days Later, so that's a solid C.V.

If you're yearning for some philosophy mixed int techno-thriller, then this might be up your alley.

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