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10-19-2016 7:06 pm
Nathan Tyree: My election predictions - by popular demand
Okay, this is a weird damn year to predict the election, but this is my shot.

Clinton 352 EV
Trump 186

here's the map

A caveat on that, there is an outside chance that Utah could do something weird. Evan McMullin could win UT outright, or could pull enough support from Trump to give it to Hill.

In the Senate, Dems take control with 54 seats.

Republicans lose ground in the house, but retain control.

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8-26-2016 4:01 pm
Nathan Tyree: Best films of the century
The BBC put out a list of the 100 best films of the century so far. I decided to make my own list. Here it is:

1.TIE: Antichrist, No Country for Old Men
2. TIE: UP, Birdman
3. Inception
4. Oldboy
5. I Saw the Devil
6. Holy Motors
7. The Dark Knight
8. Django Unchained
9. Black Swan
10. Royal Tennenbaums
11. Amelie
12. Inherent Vice
13. A History of Violence
14. Memento
15. The Master
16. Inglorious Baterds
17. The Revenant
18. Interstellar
19. Children of Men
20. TIE: The Witch, The Clouds of Sils Maria

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4-21-2016 6:24 pm
Nathan Tyree: The Prince
Not machiavelli, but the very purple one.

RIP Prince.

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4-06-2016 6:36 pm
Nathan Tyree: They're tearing the labor camps down
Merle Haggard is dead.

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3-30-2016 8:20 pm
Nathan Tyree: I'm just gonna leave this here
Teen Sexually assaulted and pepper sprayed at TRUMP rally

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