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Looks like I went a bit viral today
Demannu at 4-16-2019 12:38 am
I did a tweeter

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Remember when...
Demannu at 4-06-2011 3:33 am
We used to fight on vent? I miss that.

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I don't think that was a cavity search...
Demannu at 5-14-2009 11:48 pm
I don't even have teeth down there.

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Troubleshooting flowchart addendum
Demannu at 3-17-2009 5:16 pm

I was on my way to meet a girl at Chili's and was about halfway there when my bike died. It just died. No warning at all. It was just dead. I had power. It just wouldn't run. I waddled over to the side of the road and spent 10 minutes trying to get the bike to start again while other motorists happily drove by and stared. I finally got the bike to start, but it was running so roughly, it died as soon as I got it around the corner. At least I was off the main road this time. I spent another 10 minutes or so trying to get the bike to start. I had to set the idle screw in more tightly than I've ever set it before just to keep the bike running, and I started off for home. Once home, I parked the bike and drove my car up to Chili's. Later, after I relaxed at Chili's, I began to troubleshoot what went wrong with my bike. I checked the plug. It was covered in carbon. I put in a fresh plug and started the bike. It coughed and sputtered. Spark was good though, so I moved on to fuel. That's when I noticed that my choke lever had been pushed down... WTF? Apparently when I came to the stop sign and depressed the nuetral finder lever, my pants leg had caught on the choke lever and that is what killed my bike. So now, I have a new entry in my troubleshooting flow chart. Step 1: Am I stupid? If NO continue, if YES then check my freaking choke lever.

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A post about death.
Demannu at 3-07-2009 10:10 pm
I went for a ride today... exploring back country roads. My bike got filthy. She's a dirty girl. Yeah. A dirty girl... Who's a dirty girl? She is.
Anyways, I came across a cemetery set back away from the road in the middle of a corn field. It's March, so of course the corn had been cut. Once the corn grows over a couple of feet, the graveyard will disappear from the road.

The majority of markers were toppled and/or broken. The ones I could read were all from the 1920's or earlier.

Nothing is permanent. Even markers. Don't let the permanent marker people lie to you.

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