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The thing outside my garage
Demannu at 3-06-2009 5:54 am

I went for a ride today and snapped a few photos. Candid photos. wink wink. nudge nudge.

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The wave...
Demannu at 2-09-2009 5:51 am
I rode my motorcycle over to Scammon, KS this weekend and got my first "motorcycle wave." It was everything I hoped it would be.

Mood:: Giddy like a school girl
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M Class
Demannu at 11-08-2008 11:32 pm
My driver's license is now suitable for supporting humanoid life.
I need a ship.

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Where's your machine god now?
Demannu at 11-06-2008 3:28 am
Michael Crichton. 66

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You're fired!
Demannu at 9-05-2007 5:29 pm
Just looking through the company database. Here are some of my favorite reasons people have been fired:

Said he was too drunk to show up to work and also that his sister went to prison and didn't want to work

Ticket entered in computer (#90) at 21:34 p.m. on 8-31-2006. nc for water with a comment "tosha is a major butt monkey" copy attached.

Antonio was on the receiving end of a NPC test call. Unaware that it was a test call, Antonio told the caller that the specials "tasted like shit" and were "not worth your money," accompanied with laughter. The caller then asked if there were any specials on two pizzas, to which Antonio replied "I'm tired. I'll give you this buy one get one free coupon." When Antonio was informed that it was a test call, he replied "oh fuck" and hung up the phone.

called manager a skank, a fucking skank, and skanky hanky

Always late on job and always high and drunk crackhead .........rude to customers and when ever any white chick comes in gets horny.... and always jerks off in pizza huts restroom.

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