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Kick names, take ass.
Archimago at 10-04-2019 2:54 am
Just finished seeing it.


Audience manipulation. Inopportune laughter. Horrific. Tragic. Wonderful.

I would have cut only 1 scene.

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Twitter is a cesspool
Archimago at 10-02-2019 12:04 am
I don’t know why I feel the need to engage with stupidity.

Yesterday, there was a trend calling Antifa terrorists. People were defending Antifa by saying they were not terrorists.

I responded that they use violence against civilians for political aims. By definition, they are terrorists. The word carries no moral attribution, only a legal one. They mocked me for using definitions as a basis for my argument.
I stated that definitions of words provide a shared frame of reference and that without that frame of reference, meaningful dialogue is impossible.

I was told to have fun hiding behind my dictionary when the fascists came to my town.

The number of “likes” on that comment is saddening.

Ignorance and paranoia shouldn’t be something to be proud of.

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An Angry Beast with 70,000 heads
Archimago at 9-25-2019 7:12 pm
I went to the Cowboys Game. There were over 70,000 people there. About halfway through, I started watching the crowd. It began feeling like some lovecraftian beast. It made me very uneasy.

I went to the Phil Collins Concert. There were 20,000 people. I wasn’t bothered by it as much.

Was it because there were fewer people, or was it something else’s?

The crowd at the football game were tribal. They were cheering for their team while at the same time rooting for the failure of the other team.

The Phil Collins crowd were just there to enjoy Phil Collins. Maybe they would have seemed monstrous if they were rooting for the failure of Billy Joel.

I am speaking of these crowds as if I were an outside observer, but I was part of these crowds. Is that what caused my unease? Being part of something that you don’t agree with, but have no power to affect?

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first football game
Archimago at 9-18-2019 4:39 pm
I’ve never watched a football game all the way through. Not in real life. Not on TV. I’ve never really had an interest, even when my nephews played.
This Sunday, I will be attending a Dallas Cowboys game. Rather than sit and be bored, I’ve decided to do the nerd thing and learn football in 3 days. I’m starting from almost zero knowledge of the rules. I know they try to get the football to the end zones to score points.

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Where did you hear about us?
Archimago at 9-18-2019 12:56 am
I booked an escape room for the weekend down in Arlington, TX.
The form asked where we heard of them.
I said, “an iowaska vision quest with a Peruvian shaman.”

I hope that makes it into a marketing report.

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