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first football game
Archimago at 9-18-2019 4:39 pm
I’ve never watched a football game all the way through. Not in real life. Not on TV. I’ve never really had an interest, even when my nephews played.
This Sunday, I will be attending a Dallas Cowboys game. Rather than sit and be bored, I’ve decided to do the nerd thing and learn football in 3 days. I’m starting from almost zero knowledge of the rules. I know they try to get the football to the end zones to score points.

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Where did you hear about us?
Archimago at 9-18-2019 12:56 am
I booked an escape room for the weekend down in Arlington, TX.
The form asked where we heard of them.
I said, “an iowaska vision quest with a Peruvian shaman.”

I hope that makes it into a marketing report.

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Looks like gelfling. Smells like Gelfling.
Archimago at 9-09-2019 1:18 am
Loved Age of Resistance.

It’s hard to do a prequel when you know where it ends up, but this did it well. It also hints at a larger world than the one we knew. Jen and Kira might not have been the last gelflings after all.

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Mandalorian Fan Service
Archimago at 8-24-2019 2:41 am
The trailer for The Mandalorian is out. It looks like the Star Wars movie we should have gotten.
It isn’t about Skywalkers. It isn’t about a galaxy spanning war(although there is evidence of one). IG-88 makes an appearance.

Is this fan-service? If so, is that a bad thing?
On its own, I think it’s good, but Disney has a way of sprinkling fan service around to get us to eat shit.
I want to believe this will be good. This time will be better.
I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship.

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Everybody is Faking It
Archimago at 8-21-2019 2:47 pm
The place I work for started developing websites. I’m on the web team.
We use wordpress. Everyone uses plugins for everything, even for simple things like a sticky menu.

I’m the only one on the team that even touches the FTP or the database.

I know that I don’t know enough. My JavaScript skills are basic. My PHP skills are a bit less than that. The only things I’m strong in are HTML and CSS.
Everyone else thinks we know plenty. In fact, my old boss left and started his own company building websites with zero coding knowledge.

I don’t think I could be that dishonest.

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