Kick names, take ass.
12-14-2008 4:10 pm
2-HeadedGiraffe: Yay
My comic is updating again after a break that came about because of having too much other stuff I needed to do at the end of the semester.


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12-07-2008 3:52 pm
2-HeadedGiraffe: Vent Problem
Okay, something's wrong with the commenting system. Often, when I go to edit a comment, I end up with the same comment getting posted again. Sometimes when I try to cancel a comment or some such, I end up with a comment with my name but no text when I'm trying not to have a comment at all. Something's up with the commenting system, and it results in unwanted or duplicated comments.

Guys: I Think We Have a Problem

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11-05-2008 12:47 pm
2-HeadedGiraffe: Wow...
Okay, America, I'm pleasantly surprised. I said a while ago that I would be pleasantly surprised if America elected a minority president, so now they did, I am.

Mood: Happy
Music: Jonathan Coulton - The Presidents
Etc.: Maine Lobster

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10-30-2008 11:31 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Prediction
Okay, standard sarcasm warning that I shouldn't but unfortunately do need to put on any post I intend as a joke, which is most of mine (at least the political ones).

Here's my prediction: John McCain wins the election, gets very excited about said victory, suffers a freak heart attack and dies, becoming the first president elect to die before taking office.

Short of that, I think if he tries hard enough, he can still beat William Henry Harrison's record for shortest presidency. All it'll take is a bit of effort and commitment on his part.

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10-01-2008 11:44 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Hooray
If anyone sees Yosemite National Park today, wish it a happy 118th birthday.

Mood: Meh.

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