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8-30-2006 3:40 am
HaffaBunny: moving soon
I'm moving in with a friend near St. Louis called Union.
I'm having a rummage sale. if anyone wants a sofa-sleeper it's $50. no deliverys.

I'm moving out: Billy joel

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2-03-2005 3:52 am
HaffaBunny: Cup
She kissed me today.
a quick press in the kitchen.
I just sat on the edge of the table holding her coffee.
It's getting cold.

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7-23-2004 8:34 pm
HaffaBunny: Boy, didn't i missed out!!!!!
I was away for a few days and when I pop back on to read some the wholle place has went crazy. Ive only skimmed the posts but it looks like I missed a fight. I think you guys should play nicer. :P

Mood: happy to be back

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7-16-2004 3:55 am
HaffaBunny: I am sorry Fuzmeister
I am sorry. When I chose this name, I wasn't intended to hurt anyone. I had been reading everyones posts for a bit, and wanted to join in. I knew the rabbit had upset you, and everyone was being mean. I wanted to cheer you up, so I roleplayed the part of the Haffabunny. We do it all the time in the "Furrychat" chatroom on aol. If I hurt you at all, I apololgize. I was told roleplay was ok here. I didn't mean to cause trouble. If it would help could we have an administrator change my nick?

Mood: blech!
Music: I never know what to

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7-07-2004 8:04 pm
HaffaBunny: Child abuse
I'v suspected it for a while. Today I witnessed it. A neighbor down the block is abusing his children. They usually play up and down the block until the father comes home, then they get yelled at for 30 minutes to pick up their toys. Yesterday the boy about 8 years old talked back and the dad started slapping his face repeatedly. Sad.

Mood: bummed out

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