Buffy: ummm
ok, a few months ago i ran into my ex at a party. a few weeks ago we started seeing each other and are now considering dating again. possible formula for disaster, right? anyway, this whole thing has taken me completely by surprise. recently, something happened, and needless to say, i have almost completely fallen, or re-fallen, head over heals for him....to the point where i actully think i've fallen in love with him all over again. do i tell him, or wait till he says it first? i mean he did make the first move? does that or could hat mean he feels the same way? i don't know what to do. i'm scared and a little confused. i don't wanna push him away or scare him especially since we're finally able to be in a 10 foot radius of each other without clawing each other's eyes out, let alone beginning a possible relationship. help. and with mid-terms coming up.....grr

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