Kick names, take ass.

1-22-2008 12:52 am
snazzykat: Yay for Vodka
I love it.

Demannu - (<--- Eats Worms)
your vodka skills are no match for my whiskey skills
snazzykat - (digs scrawny pale guys.)
I think perhaps a contest is required. If you are making a challenge, I accept sir.
David - ()
I will pwn you both with my gin.
Nathan Tyree - (Overwhelmed by existential angst)
None of you have a chance. My mad skills at the game of Scotch will crush you.
Brandon - (<-- The Electric Sunshine Man, yo!) - Administrator
My rum skill is greater than you all! I shall emerge victorious. Or pass out. I'm not sure which.
Archimago - ()
Call me Captain! Ye all are as bone headed as a backwards blowfish! I'll leave it to fancy where your mothers were the day you set foot on my ship.

Vodka be nothin but potatoes. and if you be wantin' to bring such oboard, ye best smuggle it in yer arse.

If you be drinkin' whiskey, be it Scotch or from the new world, ye might as well be chewin' a charred piece of wood whilst letting a horse kick you in the head. You've no more sight than a blind puppy.

Gin! The smell alone is so that it would wrinkle a pig's nose.

The one called Brandon be right about the rum. I'll hold judgment till I hear what mark ye find on the bottle. If you be thinkin' clearly, ye know the sort that I prefers.
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
These are a few of my favorite things...
snazzykat - (digs scrawny pale guys.)
I have a bottle of Tattoo in my fridge right now, captain.
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