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7-20-2008 3:34 am
snazzykat: Watchmen Trailer
In case you are interested.


David - ()
That may be one of the coolest trailers ever. The SP song fits the Watchmen like a glove.
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Should be a great movie. Some of the characters look a little different from in the graphic novel, but overall it looks like it'll be cool.
snazzykat - (digs scrawny pale guys.)
I thought the trailer was outstanding. Just hope the content holds up too.
Archimago - ()
Are you guys kidding?
It looks like they're ripping off every comic book idea and throwing it together.
I see a Silver-Surfer knock off painted blue, a Batman clone dressed like an owl, a Wolverine clone with a flamethrower, And some chick in a bumblebee version of an x-men costume.
Maybe they should throw some EC comics style pirates in there just to round it out.
Sorry, I wouldn't go see this even if I had free tickets to a midnight showing.
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