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11-07-2007 3:30 am
snazzykat: Parenthood
Tonight my 2 year old daughter was walking around the living room with our largest aluminum mixing bowl on her head saying "I'm a Dalek, Dalek, Dalek."

And she was saying it correctly "daaaa leck".

She also says "arrr" everytime she sees a Jolly Roger, and will occasionally say "Bollocks" when something doesn't go her way. She was a pirate for Halloween.

She has taken quite a few naughty words for a spin, but I believe her favorite is "the S word". I find it humorous when she does it, but I try not to let her know that. She always uses it correctly.

Every time I open my Macbook she looks to see if her friend is ready to chat on iChat. She calls him by name and then looks dejected when he isn't there. She learned to say the word apple very quickly because of the glowing fruit on the back of my screen.

Her favorite stuffed toy is a red dragon.

A few nights ago, she told my mother (her Grandma or "Poppy" as she is called) that she needed to watch her attitude, and she was right. Grandma inadvertently taught her "the S word" through repeated use.

Being a parent is hard work, but pretty darn cool. I think I'm doing an okay job, so far.

mood: amused

10-13-2007 2:59 am
snazzykat: OMG! YAY!
It just gets better and better...

"Simon Pegg to play Scotty in 'Trek'"

(just to prove I CAN)

10-11-2007 2:44 am
snazzykat: Hey, this kinda sucks!
I received my much lauded xBox 360 today, and after a quick run to gamestop (we purchased 3 used games: startrek legacy because I am a geek, perfect dark 0, and burgerking pocketbike racer because it was $3) we set up the system and flipped it on. It took it a second to get going, but the xbox logo flew onto the screen. While I was standing there thinking about how good the graphics looked, I began to wonder just how long it should take before a system menu should pop up. Only a person with a good sense of an impending encounter with Murphy's law could have predicted what happened next. I believe that if microsoft hadn't changed the "blue screen of death" in the 360 version we would have seen it at that moment. While I cannot remember the exact verbage of the error, it made it pretty clear that something very nasty was afoot. Alan did a quick search for the error and discovered after a small game of trial and error that the hard drive on this "new" xbox was damaged beyond repair. The hard drive isn't necessary to play some games, but as you all probably know better than I, it makes it virtually impossible to do anything cool with the system.

So, now I'm sitting here on my couch pondering exactly how much I would be willing to spend to fix my "free" xbox.

mood: irritated

10-02-2007 7:28 pm
snazzykat: I just won an xBox 360.
Now what?

9-27-2007 1:46 pm
snazzykat: Random Finnish Squirrel Deathmetal

I love the internet. The original song, with non-squeaky lyrics, is apparently by Finnish band Teräsbetoni.


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