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10-06-2012 3:09 am
toodldo_4julie: June 2012
rocked my world and changed us forever as we welcomed the most beautiful thing into our lives. Ryden is everything we could have ever wanted and becoming parents has been a much more magical journey than I ever imagined possible.


The only thing that happened this year to put any sort of a dark mark on it was the passing of my last grandprent. He left us before he met his first great grandchild. And Ryden will never get to meet any of his great grandparents.

fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Congratulations! Sorry to hear about your grandfather as well.

The circle of life keeps moving onward.
toodldo_4julie - ()
Thanks :) And that it does.
David - ()
Congratulations on the parent thing. I know what you went through to get there!
toodldo_4julie - ()
Thanks. We are definitely grateful for this little miracle of ours!

(And he is a cute little bugger... if I do say so myself!)
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