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12-06-2013 5:45 pm
toodldo_4julie: Frodo and hobbit feet

Hobbit Feet

Considering how much these little people move I was lucky to snap any photos at all. Pretty sure Elijah Wood was cast prematurely as Ryden is quite obviously the better hobbit.

Speaking of hobbits, I am not at all displeased that they have slated 3 films to cover The Hobbit (and LotR appendices). Perhaps my love of this literary world has clouded my vision somewhat. I did not think Jackson bombed the first of the three, either. It has been quite some time since I read The Hobbit - school keeps me busy - but I felt satisfied with the first film's storyline. I have yet to take a final stand on the newly created character, Tauriel, but I have high hopes that they have created a character that comes across like one of Tolkien's own.

Desolation of Smaug to follow An Unexpected Journey. I think the titles are fitting, as well.

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Archimago - ()
Yeah, I think the Unexpected Journey was too long. That being said, I recently bought the extended version. I have watched a little over half of the 9 hours of extras.

I haven't watched the actual extended version of the movie yet.

I love the Middle Earth books. I also enjoy the films. To compare them is a little silly. They are different forms of storytelling. However good or bad the movies are, they can't break into my house and remove the books from my shelves.

p.s. I had to turn my laptop on it's side to work out the perspective on that last picture.
toodldo_4julie - ()
I liked the length, but I always felt like more was better when it comes to detailing in these movies. I remember the beginning of both stories (hobbit and LotR) being slow.. so the movies being the same is fine for me. I plan to get the extended edition with the riddles in the dark statue from Weta. I spent several hours of my life on the three LotR extended editions.. haha

Going tonight for d.o.s.
toodldo_4julie - ()
Saw Desolation of Smaug.. It was long time-wise.. but full of action so it moved quickly. I think they did a good job with Smaug.

Tauriel was ok.. a little unnecessary but not a bad addition. She helped them tie in Legolas.. who would have otherwise not been very present. While Tolkien did not make the woodland realm all about Legolas in the book, it helps the cinematic aspect and ties the right culture to the right character when you consider the LotR films. Little things, too, like the movie version of Gloin having a sketch of his son Gimli... It helps tie the movies together as a whole.
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