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12-20-2011 11:42 pm
toodldo_4julie: sometime in June
Dennis and I finally will become parents. I have successfully made it into the second trimester and things are going well!

Dennis graduated with his Bachelor in IT and I am going back to school... nursing. Working in an ER for 6 years has made me feel pretty confident it'll be a good career path for me.

New Nightwish material is pretty awesome.. even has a song with some jazz influences now. Crazy! Looking forward to their film counterpart to see how it goes. Pre-ordered the cd so I could have the digital copy.

Skyward Sword is pretty fun so far. Moving slow though.. not much time to sit and play and it deserves more than a 20-min stint here and there.. so I only play when I have about 2 hours or so to dedicate to it. Working on the third temple. Also am shamefully attached to Call of Duty. *sigh* online gaming has sucked out part of my brain.

4-27-2011 4:34 pm
toodldo_4julie: photography
I've always been interested in photography.. probably because my dad had one of those huge old slr cameras with detachable lenses.

So recently I've been able to afford a new DSLR camera.. and it's amazing.

While p&s cameras have their place and are handy, the new dslr cams really put them to shame when it comes to artistic capability and control. Even basic p&s photography taken with a dslr is just... better.

Also having a second lens and popping them on/off feels so.. official.

Nikon D3100 flower

Nikon D3100 ice

Nikon D3100 oof refl phone

I can't wait to learn manual settings. It's a pretty technical little piece of equipment.

I'm taking pictures at a wedding this weekend for some friends. People are daunting. They move, are unpredictable, and their soft skin can turn from red to cyan in photos in an instant if the lighting changes just a tiny bit.

Photo editing software... the good kind... is expensive. I keep thinking Adobe is going to just magically give me some for free. Wishful thinking.

9-12-2010 12:17 am
toodldo_4julie: My new phone
is amazing.

The HTC EVO 4G by Sprint:

On another note.. I finally bought Allusions to a God on Amazon. Took a few years.

For an actual 'Vent':

I just don't understand why those people can have children before they're ready/financially stable/or able to care for themselves... or when they smoke throughout pregnancy and mistreat the kids they've got... while still getting to have even more kids... And Nature has decided that I'm the one that gets to have a fertility issue. It's not fair.

And yet another note:

I always enjoy fall cleaning more than spring cleaning, so an overhaul has been happening, and I love how it's looking at home :) And we have way too much stuff. uugh.


3-23-2010 3:31 pm
toodldo_4julie: Went to see Wicked!
landmark theater in richmond, virginia


2-09-2010 3:25 pm
toodldo_4julie: They don't call 'em blue for nothing
scenic overlook on I64

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains :)

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