Kick names, take ass.

11-03-2004 6:44 pm
hanna: hurrah!!
BUSH WON! alright, that's all the gloating i'm going to do here. over and done with. whew! :o}

Mood: elated

Archimago - ()
SHHHHH! Don't gloat... You'll wake up the others. You know, the sad ones.
hanna - (a bit new to this)
i mean no offense to anyone. they have their opinion and i can respect that, even if i don't agree with it :o}.
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Hanna's happy. That can be a rare thing on Vent some days... happy people, I mean... shiney, happy people.
Buffy - (i didn't know that could go there!)
i agree with hanna!! woot!!
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