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11-04-2004 8:12 pm
hanna: a good day
today was a good day. nothing in particular happened, but that also means nothing BAD happened. all in all, a pretty decent good day :o}.

Mood: content

fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
After a few entries I take it upon myself to ask an important question...

Who are you? Are you the person I know... or someone I don't...

Regardless, welcome on behalf of all of us...
hanna - (a bit new to this)
well, since i don't believe i know who you are, then you probably don't know me either :o}. i don't even remember how i found this, but i got bored one day and thought 'why not'. do the rest of you know each other or something? i thought it was just some random site. thank you for the welcom though!
David - ()
We're basically two warring factions of people who know each other, with a few neutral individuals to keep us in line.

We're all lovey dovey these days, though!
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
I want to be a light jedi.
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Seriously though...

The whole subtle conflict that exists here was just because of some comments made during the early part of the summer. I hold no ill-will, but I still think it was un-neccessary.

And it makes me happy that you stumbled upon the site, Hanna. Most of us know or are connected with Mr. Brandon Parker in some form. This is his site, y'know. I met him in March of 2001. I'll never forget it. It was an email that changed my life.
David - ()
You don't understand the power of the dark side!

To be serious myself, though...

Conflict-schmonflict. I think we've all gotten past that. Bygones, I say. Let's all come together and giggle at Nate's paranoia. ~.^

As for Brandon Parker, the dude's a fscking genius (in the internet parlance of our times). I can remember being in middle school and him programing a Shadowgate-esque game in BASIC. With real audio! All this while living in a home where Weird Al was both forbidden and misunderstood.
toodldo_4julie - ()
i don't know brandon. who decided it was all either dark or light side? i want to be one of those ewoks ;)

(or maybe a wookie..i've been told i sound like one sometimes....)
Demannu - (<--- Eats Worms)
conflict? there was a conflict?
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Why was Weird Al forbidden?
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