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1-02-2005 2:55 pm
Andy: Slaves to ourselves...
Last night I dreamt that I read that the key to spiritual tranquility is washing your feet.

Mood: Not content
Music: The New Deal - Then and Now

12-19-2004 5:45 am
Andy: The internet is a lonely place when everybody is home from school...

Mood: bored, lonely
Music: John Zorn - Sicillian City

12-15-2004 9:36 pm
Andy: What's with this world anyway?
I dreamt that my pillow was sucking ideas out of my head! But it obviously didn't get this one. Yesterday I closed my eyes and a tornado of pixels swirled around inside the eyelids. Supposedly these things don't go away. Oh, and I've found out what I want to do with harmony and time, and I can't wait to get it down on paper, or sound recording, or in pictures, or something.

So what's with this world anyway. There are so many ideas waiting to be pondered upon, and many of them are right in front of our faces [metaphysical] but we never see them.

Kind of like you can never know how many ideas you've forgotten [because you've forgotten them] you can never know how many ideas you've yet to ponder. There could be infinite, especially if you keep forgetting them and rediscovering them.

Kind of like rediscovering joy in the world, but not quite. Kind of like becoming a child again with heightened awareness and curiosity, though not exactly. Kind of like reorganizing your brain... putting colors where sounds should be, sounds where memories are, creativity poured over the whole damn thing, and a cherry of originality on top.

I am not a relativist, nor an absolutist... I'm just kind of me, searching for truth in life whatever that is. Kind of like merging all knowledge into a single kernal of understanding, but not like Eastern philosophy.

Try to debate the very foundation of logic. Try to think of everything as infinitely many things, as two big things physical and metaphysical, as one giant thing, and as nothing. All at the same time.

Mood: Try to remember the last thing you forgot.
Music: Soulive - First Street

12-13-2004 11:46 pm
Andy: Take this!!

Mood: Blue
Music: Nick Drake - Day is Done

12-11-2004 2:45 pm
Andy: Dream Queue
I had a dream where the United States conquered Rome, put the entire city on really big beats, and made me commander of it all. Then aliens invaded and with a portable Rome I conquered them too.

Mood: Like cotton candy
Music: Some random 5 part harmony I can't place.

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