Kick names, take ass.

12-08-2004 5:07 am
Andy: A realization
My God Jazz has sucked me in and there's no escape. I've been listening to the music for a long time now, but just started watching the DVD-... and man, these cats are crazy. But they make so much sense...

Mood: In awe
Music: Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser

12-04-2004 5:45 am
tricky situation + unstable peolpe = disaster

12-01-2004 2:00 pm
Andy: Wrecked and Impounded?
Winter really kills people inside, and I'm almost one of them. For some strange reason (perhaps it's my practice of philosophy) it's easier for me to be calm and collected about the life situation. A lot of kids are stressing out about school, but hey: school doesn't really matter in the long run. Life is more about being nice to people, getting laughs, thinking hard, giving smiles, giving love, getting love, and most especially involving your whole self within music - getting the grade is not one of these necessary human happiness providers; in fact, it might not even be necessary to make your life in the consumerist culture of today either.

What they say is really true: stop and smell the roses. But don't go straight back to running withyour head cut off... stay smelling the roses andi wandering around the park until you are good and ready to move on, and even then move at the pace that best suits you. It might seem like I'm preaching but this is just my life data report.

So my roommate wrecked his car really late last night such that no garages were open anymore. I ended up picking him up and driving him around for about 20 miles here and there and back again. The whole time he was bitching and meaning and being caustically sarastic - I'm pretty sure he didn't like living in those two or three hours. And that's terrible... even worse than a wrecked and eventually impounded car.

Mood: Eating my philosophical breakfast
Music: Charlie Parker - Ornithology

11-23-2004 1:59 pm
Andy: Welcome Andy 'Oooh, Buffalo Testicles' Woodward!
Programmers are a crazy bunch.

Mood: In great need of a shower!
Music: Thelonious Monk - Epistrophy

11-18-2004 10:31 pm
Andy: Taking a hint...

discover your jack-o-lantern face @ quiz me
Everybody else is doing it!

Mood: Insane, ...apparently
Music: Igor Stravinski - Le Sacre du Printemps

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