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12-13-2006 4:52 am
a new euphoria: ...
I love Steve Thompson more than everyone who posts on Ventilation...combined!


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12-19-2005 2:14 am
a new euphoria: you
Steve left tonight, and I hated it. I never doubt my love for him, yet, when he leaves me, I realize how terribly strong it is. I love him more than anything in my life...I hope he knows that.

Mood: very sad
Music: Mixed CD

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11-25-2005 1:06 am
a new euphoria: You're the only one.
I know I'm not a usual 'post-er', however, this particular evening, I feel compelled to share something with the people who regularly post, particularly, those of you who know Steve Thompson. It undoubted that those of you who are aware of his existence, care for him and realize how wonderful he is in every way. I am, sadly, a rather un-emotional person. I'm not into hugging and kissing, baby talk and giggles. Sorry to those of you who are, I am not attempting to sound offensive, rather, honest. ANYWAY (Because I'm quite sure none of you really care about my demeanor) my point: I Love You, Steve...and I miss you!

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