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3-15-2005 12:31 am
Laodicean: midgets and dating: a vent poll
Do you think midgets are required to ride in car seats?


Would you date someone significantly older/younger(say 12-13 years) than you?


If you periodically slept with your ex and enjoyed it immensely, but they called you compulsively during odd hours of the night to confess their undying love, would you break it off?


If I, ahem...I mean the hypothetical "you", didn't break it off, would that make me...I mean "you" a bitch?

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fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
1.) I guess that depends on their height.
2.) No - because right now I am in the best relationship of my life. If I wasn't though, I doubt I would date someone younger like that than me. That would make them pretty much eight or nine years old. Ew. Older? I don't know.
3.) I can't answer this due to the pre-requisites.
4.) A bitch? Impossible.
Brandon - (<-- The Electric Sunshine Man, yo) - Administrator
1) Probably not

2) Depends on how old I was.

3) Eh, as long as it was explained that they were just being used for nookie, i dont see any reason to break it off if they dont. They just have issues.

4) Males are simple creatures. He should know by now that he's being used. Not a bitch.
Demannu - (<--- Eats Worms)
1) eight and a half
2) 5:30 PM
3) number 5 with eggroll
4) I smell funny
nitrusoxyde - (
1) If a passenger? No. They should be able to see the damned road though.
3) Bang bitches until they can't walk...and learn to turn off your phone at night.
4) No, but it would make you a wussy because you can't handle keeping sex and a relationship separate.
emajination - ()
1. I have no freaking idea
2. yes I would because age means nothing
3. I would break off that thing with my x if he kept calling, if he would stop harrassing me then I wouldn't.
4. no
toodldo_4julie - ()
1. um.. lord knows
2. i don't think age matters, but i'd be like a cribrobber at this point if i was to date someone 13 yrs younger... literally!
3. not sure, but i'd probably break it off and find a relationship w/ someone that i could 'have undying love for' myself, and good sex ;)
4. no
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