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5-02-2005 12:25 pm
Laodicean: $#@#$#@$ roomates!
You'd think my roomates could stop %$#@-ing for long enough to take care of their own animals. Common sense says priorities should go in this order:
1)Let dogs back in house before they claw up the front door
2)Go to bedroom and *&#$
3)Put pillow over face to muffle sounds during act out of courtesy for the roomate who actually pays bills.

Oh, and asking before moving a non-rent-paying boyfriend into the house would always have been a nice courtesy.

Mood: Enraged
Music: Ben Folds

emajination - ()
you should move out!
fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
...or give them the boot!
David - ()
Is there a difference between %$#@ and *&#$, or are they both meant to mean "fuck"? If they are meant to mean "fuck", why not just type "fuck"? Why the need to attempt to censor yourself? I don't think the FCC is fining the writers of online web journals (but I could be wrong).

I mean, fuckin' A!

And for good measure; tits.
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