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9-14-2005 7:37 am
Laodicean: Dreams
I've been having weird dreams lately. In the past week, I've dreamt that:
1)It was my wedding day, but I couldn't find any white shoes. Thus, I could not(and did not) get married.
2)I accidentally fed my fish way too much, and they grew to gigantic proportions. They were the size of sharks, but somehow fit into my 10 gallon aquarium. I was afraid of them, despite the barrier.
3)I lived in a house across from exhibitionist neighbors, and I would occasionally glance at their house and see more than I wanted. They would catch me staring at them, and come over and confront me. (Wow, this really sounds like the lead in to a porno, doesn't it? In my dream, the tone was somehow not sexual at all.)

Feel free to give me an analysis.

Mood: indifferent
Music: STP

Demannu - (<--- Eats Worms)
OK. I'll bite. Based upon this post along with the last, I think perhaps your too obessed with the private lives of other. Particularly what they do when they're naked. Not only that, your worried that you'll never get married because you smell like fish.
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