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2-07-2005 4:12 pm
Laodicean: 20 minutes from now
According to my junk mail, I'm going to have an erection in 20 minutes. As I'm female, this frightens me greatly.

Mood: frightened

fuzmeister - (The Real ST)
Sorry to hear that the prophecy will not be fulfilled; welcome to Ventilation anyway...
Laodicean - (Deviant)
Not as sorry as I am. Although frightened, I was a bit intrigued as well. Oh well, second hand(yes, pun intended) information will have to do. Thank you.
emajination - ()
do be sure to inform us if it does
Laodicean - (Deviant)
Should anything pop up, you'll be the 10th to know. (Sorry, I have priorities).
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