Kick names, take ass.
9-18-2005 3:17 am
sgt.pepper: More Questions than Answers
Is oily a proper term to describe a fart with?

Is this infected?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Does anyone have a better suggestion on keeping cats from walking on my car? The shotgun tends to ruin the paint job.

Mood: Inquisitive
Music: "Lucky Man" by Emmerson Lake and Palmer

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7-15-2005 6:06 pm
sgt.pepper: Lawsuits
Here is a question to ponder.

Can there be sexual harassment suits on the set of a porn movie?

How do you determine if sexual advances are unwarranted? Even if you don't want to, it's in your contract isn't it?

Okay, more than one question. That's all. You may disperse.

Mood: Upbeat

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7-14-2005 2:58 am
sgt.pepper: All about the fiber...
I was dozing through an evening of TV when I heard a Fibercon commercial come on. For those who don't know, Fibercon is apparently a substitute for Metamucil, without all that grit at the bottom.

What caught my interest was the dialogue between the old man, and his maybe 9-year-old grand daughter.

Daughter: Grandpa? Why do you chug your fiber?

Grandpa: Because of all the grit on the bottom.

Daugther: Mommy doesn't chug...

And so on.

What question comes to my mind is this...

Why does this 9-year-old know the meaning of the word CHUG?

Mood: Headache

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