TooTall_Nick: Throwing out the window of my old self.
I am not sure what is compelling me to keep posting in this form. There are so few of us, that I wonder if it is even worth it to me to vent to a bunch of people I barely know, except you fuzmeister.

Well, here it goes...

I have changed since I last posted. I no longer go to that Bible study. I move to Philadelphia and back to my hometown. That was an adventure and a long story. I have a son now from my previous marriage. He is now 6 years old. He is a great kid. I only get to see him every other weekend during the school year, but in the summer I get him every other week.

In 2021 I became an Orthodox Christian by being baptized into the Orthodox Church. I also got remarried to a wonderful woman in that same church. My views on the human experience, life, and Christianity have changed. Before I was baptized I needed to choose a Godparent. That wasn't too hard. I picked my good friend whom I met at Giant Food Stores when I used to work there. I also have a spiritual Father now as well. The Father who baptized me is my spiritual Father.

Before a person can be baptized into the Orthodox Church, they start out as an inquirer, (Someone interested in the Orthodox faith.), then they become a catechumen, (going to classes to learn about the Orthodox Faith) and then the Father of the church decides when it is the best time for that catechumen to be baptized. It is usually a year to 3 years of being a catechumen of the Chruch. After one gets baptized they are now a part of the Orthodox Church and can take communion.

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