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7-27-2011 3:36 am
TooTall_Nick: Over The EDJ(edge)
I started a blog about our new show The EDJ and my excitement about this blog is high. I will be posting whats going on with the show and some things about myself as well. This is my first blog, so I am going to wing it.

Hope It Rocks.
Feel free to post on any of my topics. If you like it maybe you might like the show too.

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7-27-2011 3:17 am
TooTall_Nick: Free Advertising
I posted a link on Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone wants to join this lovely place. Hope they come.

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7-26-2011 8:35 pm
TooTall_Nick: Is ventalation old news?
What happened to this place? Were is everyone? Well I am still here muhahaha....what was i saying? Oh yeah about vent. Well maybe that I am back more people will come back just to bash me.

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9-02-2009 4:16 pm
TooTall_Nick: Tuesday Night Meeting
Every Tuesday night I go to a fire hall meeting in Futztown PA. Last Night was different from the other nights. Almost every Tuesday we get a guest speaker. Mostly Dan Mohler and Tod White (which you can find on YouTube) Come in to talk about the gospel. Lastnight though the The leader of the meeting (which I will call Joe, so I don't have to do all that typing) told us that Dan and Tod are becoming really busy with their family and preaching and that they weren't going to make it to a lot of the meetings. When Dan and Tod came, a boat load of people would come the hear them. When you watch one of their videos you'll understand why. Dan walks in sonship with our heavenly Father and Tod is one of Dan spiritual Sons.

Back to the meeting. Joe wasn't sure where this meeting was going because only a few people showed up every time Dan and Tod weren't there. It also cost $100.00 dollars to rent out every week. I felt that he didn't know what to do. Also that he wasn't willing to stand up and be a leader for God. He's the one that started the meeting. Ironically He was waring a shirt with EXIT on it. Which I felt he wanted to step down or Exit the stage.

Thankfully people are starting to meet outside this meeting in their homes, cafes and Restaurants. Relationships are being built and Friendships are forming. What was so Awesome was that people stud up and spoke about how this meeting helped them become a better person In the love of the Father. Then I spoke about the body of the Church. How Every person plays a part in the church, because God gives each one of us Gifts. He uses the talents that we have to make the puzzle complete. So the church becomes a Family. Not just one man lecturing and the rest lesson.

People were helping Joe not feel like he had to do it all because it's not about Joe, Nick, Dave or anybody. It's about God. The Love of the Father for all his Children. We were loving on Joe and each other.

Thankful :

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8-25-2009 5:33 pm
TooTall_Nick: I'm Back
I hope you guys don't mind but, I'm going to jump back in this thing. I know I have offended some of you to the point of disliking me. I hope over time that changes. I realized that some of my views are/were strong. That they came across the wrong way. A good friend of mine talked to me about it.

Mood: Inspired

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