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8-26-2007 7:14 am
Aar0n: Gone
My dearest girl has flown the coop. She's gone to Vanderbilt for the next four years. It's going to be hard, if not nearly impossible, to make this relationship work, but I'm going to try. Nashville isn't that far away, but it's going to be weird not seeing someone very often when I have seen them about once a week for the last two years. Wish me luck.

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2-HeadedGiraffe - (*(..)*)
If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, that's how you know it's meant to be.
snazzykat - (digs scrawny pale guys.)
Hear Hear....

A Word of advice; Don't try to MAKE it work. If it works, it works. If not, don't force it. Take it from someone who knows, it always works out best in the end.

Good luck. :)
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They both sat down upon the bed just for the side of one half hour. Not a word did either speak, but down their cheeks the tears did shower. She rests her head upon his breast, and round his neck her arms entwined. Not duke nor lord, nor earl I’ll wed. I’ll wait for thee my own Matt Hyland.
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