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11-02-2010 5:17 pm
nTYREE: election prediction
My final (rather vague) election prediction. Republicans pick up between 23 and 40 seats in the house. They fall two short of taking control of the senate.

The one state that I am completely uncertain on is Alaska. Murkowski will "win" but after the ballots are examined enough may be disqualified to put the second place finisher in office and polling looks like either party could catch second . . .

I am being vague because this is the weirdest election cycle in memory and an incredible number of races are polling within the margin of error.

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10-25-2010 9:30 pm
nTYREE: no matter
TWaK is not dead, no matter what they say

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10-25-2010 1:58 pm
nTYREE: Sorry
Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy by Bradley Sands is out

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8-05-2010 5:29 pm
nTYREE: Basil
This is beautiful

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5-05-2010 9:41 pm
nTYREE: 2011, 2012
Black Coffee Press announces their line up for 2011 and 2012.

Their are some massive names on their. J.A. Tyler, Caleb Ross, Ryan Bradley and me among others

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